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Matsuoka Gloves

Joined January, 2017

Traditionally, gloves bunch-up in the finger and palm area and impede natural movement. Our unique technology overcomes this problem by utilizing a specialized process that replicates the natural curve of the hand and creates a “perfect fit.” Our products are built with fine craftsmanship, integrating over 100 precisely cut parts with highly specialized and accurate sewing that allows less than a 1mm tolerance for error – which results in nothing less than perfection! Our quality control is second to none, and all our employees are striving for one united goal: the perfect glove. For many years we have used only superb materials and the most advanced technology to earn the respect of our industry peers and to produce the finest gloves available.

Manufacturer Gloves East Asia

Apparel Categories Gloves
Styles Sports | Outdoors
Genders Women | Men
Production Lead Time 2-3 months
Minimum Order Quantity 500
Monthly Production Capacity 100,000
Sample Creation Time Depends on the type of gloves
Sample Cost Depends on the type of gloves
Document Required for Sample Making Pattern, Sample, etc.
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Manufacturer Capabilities

Pattern Making


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Price and Quality by Production Country


Production available in this country.


Production capacity per month: 100,000 units


Production capacity per month: 60,000 units

Matsuoka Gloves
1884-10, Hiketa Higashikagawa-shi Kagawa, 769-2901, Japan
Hiketa, Japan


Visited in person in Hiketa, Kagawa, Japan, the glove-making town of the country. I've been working with them for about a year on my leather glove project. The factory rep, Hamamoto, is very kind and open to making any glove beyond what they specialize (golf, biking, skiing). They have some great leather suppliers and make the samples either in their office or at the Shanghai factory. Always very high quality and reasonable production prices, but the samples do take about a month or so to craft and ship, so you might want to have a pattern to expedite the process.