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Julianna Favela

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Joined January, 2017

Julianne Favela® is a Mexican company dedicated to the manufacturing and sale of casual women's clothing. We are a company committed to designing fashion for contemporary women. We are always at the forefront of fashion through collections inspired by the needs of today's women, complimenting them with the latest trends.

Manufacturer Suits/Blazers Jeans Pants Shirts Dresses South America

Apparel Categories Suits/Blazers | Jeans | Pants | Shirts | Dresses
Styles Casual | Denim
Genders Women
Production Lead Time 1 month
Minimum Order Quantity 50
Monthly Production Capacity 30,000
Sample Creation Time 7 days
Sample Cost $13.89
Document Required for Sample Making Tech pack, sketch, etc
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Manufacturer Capabilities

Pattern Making


Makes Product Packaging?


Designs Product Packaging?


Helps With Product Concept Design?


Does White Labeling?


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Julianna Favela
Julianna Favela, Av. Federalismo Norte 1884-C La Guadalupana Guadalajara, Jalisco CP 44220
Jalisco, Mexico


Ibeth (factory rep) is very responsive and welcoming. Their production time is very fast relative to other factories, and being in the US, the reduced shipping and duties make them my first choice. The samples came in super high quality, and we're moving into production soon.