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Diseño Latino S.A.S.

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Joined February, 2017

For more than 20 years we have manufactured and exported leather goods to highly demanding customers over Canada, USA and England. We produce a great variety of styles like hand bags, luggage, wallets, journals, promotional items, briefcases and more. We brand the products with our client’s logo.

Manufacturer Handbags Backpacks Purses Wallets Leather Goods South America

Apparel Categories Handbags | Backpacks | Purses | Wallets | Leather Goods
Styles Casual | Formal
Genders Women | Men
Production Lead Time 30-45 days after sample confirmation
Minimum Order Quantity 30
Monthly Production Capacity 6,000
Sample Creation Time 30 days after approving the design
Sample Cost $30-$200 USD
Document Required for Sample Making Drawing and Tech Packs.
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Manufacturer Capabilities

Pattern Making


Makes Product Packaging?


Designs Product Packaging?


Helps With Product Concept Design?


Does White Labeling?


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Price and Quality by Production Country


Production capacity per month: 6,000 units

Diseño Latino S.A.S.
Calle 16 sur # 24i – 68 Bogotá - Colombia
Bogotá, Colombia


I must say, I have worked with manufacturers from China before, but Diseno shipped over the highest quality leather bag I have ever seen in my life. Superior quality leather, fine craftsmanship, and just excellent service overall. The minimums are VERY low. I'm going to be placing an order with them soon.