Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reach you guys?

Email us! A team member will help you shortly. Our email is

Why are there locks on other categories in the filter bar?

We are vetting out our expansion of manufacturers.

How should I communicate with manufacturers?

The “Contact Information” section of a manufacturer’s profile usually details a website, phone number, and email. Not everyone speaks English fluently, so they tend to prefer being contacted through email.

When reaching out to manufacturers and getting a quote, be sure to be as specific as possible with regards to your project. Include your:

  • desired order quantity
  • where you want to produce
  • your budget or target price per unit
  • the material composition
  • all design files (logos, artwork, etc)
  • and ask for the lead time

I have a custom design or niche product invention. Can manufacturers make it for me?

Whether or not you have an innovative or new idea that has never been seen before, it’s always best to have technical drawings, a tech pack, or a sample handy for manufacturers to make a sample for your approval. You can usually have these made by finding a technical designer.

Why hasn’t a manufacturer contacted me back?

Japan and other countries have a different set of holidays. Be aware that they might currently be on holiday and won’t get back to you until after the holiday period. If there are no holidays and they’re still not getting back to you, try calling them.

Should I visit my manufacturer?

Visiting a manufacturer in person is certainly a great way to get to know the people you’re working with. While it does minimize risk, many people do not visit factories in the first order and still get great results. By visiting, you will likely meet the factory rep and president/s of the manufacturer and factory, showing how serious you are with working with them and building a working relationship.

By visiting, productivity and efficiency saves you time to production. It is certainly much easier to communicate details of specific things in person than it is online through emails or Skype. If the time and money spent on fixing and getting these details right do not exceed the money you could have made in that same time frame, then you should consider.

Is my order insured?

Bambify does not provide insurance, and is not held liable for any incidents.


Factory: The facility where products are produced.

Lead Time: After samples are approved, lead time is from the production time of your order to the point of shipment.

Manufacturer: Usually the headquarters of the operation. They consist of the sales reps, designers, etc that help facilitate your order. They arrange for the materials to be sent to the factory, get your patterns made, etc, to produce your order. You will normally be asked to pay the manufacturer, not the factory, for your order. All our manufacturers at this time are Japanese, with factory locations in and outside Japan. Sometimes a manufacturer is also the factory, either owning the factory or even having it in the same building complex as the office.

MOQ: Minimum order quantity a manufacturer is willing to accept for a production order. If the MOQ is 500 units of socks, then that is the lowest order a manufacturer is willing to accept to take on your project.

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer. In the world of apparel manufacturing, it is used to denote a type of service the manufacturer offers. That service is the acceptance of your own specs and designs to create your own products.

ODM/White labeling: Original design manufacturing or white labelling means that the manufacturer has their own products already designed, ready to be produced and private labelled by your own brand, making it seem like it originally came from you.
Factory: The facility where products are produced.