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Curated factories that have been pre-vetted before listing, so you trust every factory you work with.


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Why Bambify

Sell Premium Products

By producing in reputable countries, you can price and brand at a premium to customers.

Low MOQs

Many of the factories that have partnered with Bambify are open to working with up-and-coming brands with smaller orders.

Pre-vetted Listings

All suppliers listed on Bambify have been validated and approved of. We carefully screen each manufacturer to ensure that you work with only the best.

Outstanding Quality

Each factory featured by Bambify has stringent quality control systems in place to minimize the probability of defects. We care about quality as much as you do.


"Cut the Ambiguity"

- Elena Jean, One Species Apparel

Just starting out, Bambify really cut the ambiguity of working with foreign factories. Finding Japanese factories is always just so hard, but the ones listed spoke English and are extremely reliable to work with. Highly recommend to anyone!

"Saved Time"

- Lucus Houle,

I really like how all the factories aren't just listed, they signed up for Bambify, so they're ready to work with you. I can't find that anywhere else for factories in developed areas like Japan and Europe.

"Easy To Navigate"

- Amy Lai, Japorea

Bambify is such great platform because it’s easy to navigate and they’ve done the grunt work of finding the best suppliers! As long as you have your vision conceptualized with samples or a tech pack, you’re all set to get started. If you have any questions, they have an amazing team to address them!